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Fashion obsessed
Creatively charged
Outcome driven



Founder, CEO

"Meet Rebecca, the undisputed Queen of Connection in the realm of brand building and marketing activation. With over 20+ years of trailblazing across the Retail sector, from executive and leadership roles to her creative genius in branding and marketing, she's made an indelible mark in the industry. She's the go-to maven for connecting the right people to the right jobs, ensuring brands flourish.

Rebecca's story is one of brand elevation, turning underperforming ventures into roaring successes. She thrives on impact, and her passion for nurturing entrepreneurs and small retailers knows no bounds. She isn't just about small businesses; she's about creative genius, infusing each brand with an unmistakable edge.

That's why she founded PASK MEDIA – the platform where her unparalleled skills in branding, marketing, and activation flourish. Whether it's big names or burgeoning brands, Rebecca knows how to make an impact.


She's not just a businesswoman; she's a creative force on a mission to elevate brands and products, one genius idea at a time."


Rebecca Pask

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